AlchemyAlchemy for Android is a unique puzzle game that brings together the elements of the world and progress into one game. This game invites you to use the elements of fire, water, earth and air to create something brand new. You will see how the world progressed from the past to the future, and you will unlock new levels with your wise use of these elements.

The General Premise

Alchemy starts with only earth, fire, water and air. You are left with nothing more than what the cavemen had to work with when civilization first arose on this planet. You combine these elements to make new products that will fill the board, and every new product can be combined with other products to create even more progress.

You may not have thought about how earth and fire make a skyscraper, but you will learn as you create all the components for a skyscraper in the game. This is a game that requires you to think critically about the choices you make, and you must use these choices to make advancements in your own little world.

The Game Itself

You play the game as a puzzle. You are trying to unlock the puzzles to get from one stage of civilization to another. There are 399 combinations of elements in the game, and people are finding new ones every day. You will learn how to put these combinations together to make things you could not have imagined, and you will learn even more quickly that there is no easy road to progress. You can change the world in your game, but you have to do it one element at a time.

Is It Addictive?

Google and Android users seem to think this game is addictive. They have commented many times over about how easy it is to play. You will not complete the game in a few moments, but you will complete a stage of the game in a few moments. You will have to think about to get to the next stage of the game, and you must consider how you would create the materials that are needed for the game. You may not know how raw materials are used to make the things we use every day, but you will learn quickly as you find yourself Googling how these products are made. You will complete new levels as you learn about how the world works, and you will struggle to find the elements to make something that you need to move on in the game.

Overall Impression

This game is very easy to play, and it gives off the overall impression of being simple. You do not have to commit your life to this game, and you can let it stand for a few days without any problems. Alchemy requires strategy, wisdom and time to complete each level, but you will not be doomed if you stop playing for a couple days. It is the kind of game that waits around for you to come back.

Alchemy gets a solid 4 rating. This game is beautifully put together, but it is one-dimensional in that you do not go any farther than putting together elements. If even more strategic elements of the game were introduced, it may become even more addictive to its players. All the same, this is the kind of game that people love to play because it is simple. You can put this game on your phone today, pass a few levels and feel like you have truly accomplished something. That sort of gameplay is what people look for.