Angry Birds Epic: Turn-Based Game Android App, Rated 3+ Up by Google Play Store

Angry Birds Epic 1Angry Birds Epic Game App brings you and younger Android device players to Piggy Island, a flight-of-the-imagination- place where the obnoxiously greedy King Pig rules, along with his equally horrible offspring Prince Porky. The ninth of Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds series, players will see Red in action as the Knight Protector of the flock of birds in the island, particularly the eggs yet to hatch.

King Pig ordered his snouted minions to steal one of the eggs, for which Red the Knight sets out on a mission to retrieve it. Angry Birds Epic players engage in a turn-based role-playing game of battling against the King’s hench-hogs. The game-play, however, does not involve the original bird-flinging attack, which makes it suitable for younger players. Here, players simply drag a character’s offensive attack toward the enemy target. The level of damage inflicted will affect the health or battle life of both birds and swine, as the case may be.

Each game level is a journey forward to several game levels, initially, the King Pig’s castle. The game starts with Red as the lone traveler. As the red cardinal progresses, his best friend Chuck joins him to lend a powerful hand as The Mage. In higher game levels, Matilda will join Red and Chuck in battling King Pig, Prince Porky, their prize pig fighters, and their battle troops. More Angry Birds characters such as Bomb and the Blues Bird Brothers Jay, Jim and Jake will be joining in, once they reach other parts of the island.

Angry Birds Epic 2In order to keep themselves powerful and capable of enduring tough battles against stronger pig enemies, the Angry Birds here have the ability to use their own strength and capabilities to make themselves even tougher than they already are. Tapping once on the character itself, produces such an effect. A dragging action from Chuck to Red or vice versa can also transfer a secondary skill from one to the other. However, the action can only be carried out as part of the Angry Birds character’s turn to attack.

As a Mage, Chuck inflicts lesser damage, but the yellow bird has greater area of effect (AOE). This means that whenever Chuck inflicts damage on a single enemy, the force of his attack will affect the rest of his opponents. Matilda, on the other hand, has healing powers and she has the ability to transfer some of them to Red and Chuck. However, as the battles get tougher since King Pig also has his own set of tricks to use in vanquishing the Angry Birds trio, the right combination of skills and attack power must be carried out in order to defeat King Pig.

Angry Birds Epic App Features

The game app is still easily recognizable as a Rovio crafted game, as it still possesses the silly and wacky character presentations, as well as the inane concepts of weaponry. There is a Red Chili that gets energized during battle, which the Angry Birds can use as Rage Power to vanquish with just one sweep , seemingly undefeatable enemies.

The app furnishes ample visual instructions that would make it easy for young players to follow and understand actions they need to take. Finger pointing, dragging and thumbs up sign appears as easy to discern guides. Joysticks implanted on the maps are the game initiators; flags mark the territories covered or game stages surpassed, swords-in-skirmish denotes entering the battle arena, while the icon with tropical island elements will bring players back to Pig Island.

Angry Birds Epic is an excellent family app that everyone will enjoy; older players can help the younger ones figure out which characters to use and powers to combine in the higher game levels.