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Heyday Automatic Photo Journal for iOS

Heyday iOSPhotographs are more than just mere snapshots. They are more than just reflections of memories. Old photos are a means of capturing points in people’s lives that have passed. Grand memories of days with the family, historical events, and other moments of note are held forever in a photo’s imagery. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to better catalog digital memories? The Heyday “New Journaling App” is one great way of making sure wonderful photo memories are retained for years and years.

With the app, an automatic journal is produced based on the data stored on the phone. Obviously, the photographs taken via the smartphone’s (or other device’s) camera are going to be logged by Heyday. Other data will be pulled from the memory and weaved into the completed journal. In many ways, this takes a lot of work off the shoulders of people who would love to create a really comprehensive journal or scrapbook but do not have the time to do so.

One major regret people have in life is that they never really captured a decent catalog of their many life’s adventures. They might have a ton of pictures, but no organization is given to them images. They just end up on a flash drive forgotten some place. Worse yet, the images could end up being deleted before ever being put into a wonderful journal. People do live busy lives and they end up putting off taking time out to create a journal. Eventually, so much time passes that they never get around to doing so. The excellent Heyday Automatic Photo Journal does exactly what its name suggests. The app creates the journal automatically.

The end result is very organized and clear to follow. The end result is not a jumble of different images with no real coherence. The journal does maintain a proper aesthetic look and an impressive one at that.

You do not need to be technically savvy to know how to use the app either. It is designed so that even person with limited knowledge of photo journals (or no knowledge) can easily put the app to use. Really, it does most of the work itself.

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Great Big Story for iOS Devices

Great Big Story iOSAs entertaining as many of the list-type and clickbait articles shared on Facebook can be, they sometimes fall short when it comes to broadening your horizons. A new app with a similar function is looking to make waves and create relevant news and stories for this generation’s consumers.

Great Big Story is a new app that is dedicated to providing short and engaging videos for users to watch. The app is closely related to CNN and its parent company Turner Broadcasting. It appears to be a revamped way for the broadcasting company to reach a broader audience and an easier way to get viewers hooked and interested in stories from around the world.

Great Big Story focuses on fun and short videos about humanity. Most are short enough to keep viewers interested and learning.

Great Big Stories categories for video content are New Frontiers, The Human Condition, Flavors, and Planet Earth. The videos seem to be aimed at education as well as entertainment, and may serve as a gateway to more content from around the web if watchers are interested in the stories they see. These four categories are geared toward technology, human interest pieces, food, and the science behind some of the earth’s greatest wonders.

Great Big Story is part of CNN’s push to create a fresher medium for news and education. Some speculate that Great Big Story is supposed to emulate a VICE-like platform and function. Though it may be designed to deliver information in a similar way, Great Big Story is supposed to have more informative and relevant content than its rival sites, content that matters in the context of where we are as a species and where we’re headed.

Great Big Story will have content that is easily shared among social media platforms. It’s no wonder why Great Big Story is designed the way it is, millennials tend to find this type of content way more entertaining and easier to follow.

Great Big Story could be a great new way to stay informed about the more fun, and interesting parts of the news. It’s definitely worth a look.

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Categories: iTunes Apps Reviews   Tags: MMA Game App for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch game app for iOS devices by Miniclip officially brings to the mobile touch screens the phenomenal browser-based game, played by millions of Internet denizens around the world. This iOS mobile app is free to download at the Apple iTunes App Store, and is compatible with devices running on iOS versions 6.0 and up.

A simple Pac-Man like game as it uses a circular object to move around in the playing field while feeding on pellets. The similarity ends there though, since the game makes use of a full circle called a Cell, moving freely in a huge and unstructured playing arena filled with multi-colored pellets.  The larger-sized Player Cells can feed not only on pellets, but on smaller-sized Player Cells as well. Game Play

The Agar title is accordingly based on the agar gelatinous substance of marine algae used as medium for culturing bacteria. Each Player Cell therefore is an agar on which the bacteria pellets thrive and grow in mass.

As a massively multiplayer action (MMA) game, each Player Cell feeds on pellets continuously to grow in size, and eventually become capable of gobbling up smaller-sized Player Cells. Since it is also likely that there will be other larger Player Cells lying in wait, every player therefore must avoid bumping into them, in order to stay alive in the game.

There is no exact game pattern to follow as every Player Cell moves, feeds, grows, and works on its own to dominate the playing field. Large Cells though can no longer move around as quickly as the smaller sized cells but needs to feed as well, because they are likely to reduce mass. Otherwise, they are at risk of being outsized and of being gobbled up by Player Cells that continue to grow in size.

Still, there are strategic actions that can be taken in order to increase their intake, instead of waiting for smaller Player Cells to bump into them. Cells, whether large or small are capable of splitting into two, to broaden the range of attack, or to avoid being gobbled up completely. They can also eject a portion of their mass and fling it against a virus to use as weapon against a large Player Cell. In this game, multiple virus cells are capable of splitting a Large Player Cell into smaller pieces. App Game-Control Features

Upon opening the app and before a player proceeds in playing the game, the app user will have to indicate the nickname by which his or her Cell will be indentified in the grid.

Since works on a simple game play, the app’s control features are likewise straightforward. A player can choose to turn on the Stop on Release option. That way, his or her Player Cell automatically remains immobile every time he or she releases hold on the Cell.

A player has the option to drag his or her Cell with a finger when moving across and around the playing field; or, turn on the Direction on Touch option. The latter enables the Cell to move on its own and toward the spot tapped on by a player.

Since the game requires simple playing techniques, there is likelihood that some players, particularly those who have become good at playing, will eventually find the game as monotonously repetitive.

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GPS for the Soul – A Meditation Guide App from Huffington Post

GPS for the Soul GPS for the Soul is a free to download meditation guide app for learning how to engage in meditative moments. Meditation is an oft-recommended stress and anxiety reliever. Yet for some of us, focusing and easing one’s mind away from a harbored thought is easier said than done. Most especially if one has no idea or guide on how to go about immersing one’s mind with inner tranquility.

Huffington Post (HP) provides a solution by offering GPS for the Soul, which Android device users can download free at the Google Play Store. The application contains an array of meditative guides to help achieve the goal of meditation, which Arianna Huffington, the Editor-in-Chief of HP, describes as that of locating a centered place of balance, harmony and wisdom.

Overview of GPS for the Soul Guides

GPS for the Soul app users can find guides in the form of articles covering an assortment of topics mainly about healthy living, and positive attitude towards life in general.

The meditation guides provide spiritual and inspirational musings coming from well-known personalities and celebrated authors. As the app user ponders on ruminations, the app presents photos aimed at stirring a user’s visualization. Photo subjects are mostly objects and surroundings that could help him or her find harmony and wisdom, leading to that sought after feeling of peace and calm. While focusing on the messages conveyed by passages and poetry, calm and soothing music will flow to provide rhythm in performing one’s breathing exercise.

GPS for the Soul App Features

Finding Meditation Guides

To help the app user find articles, poetry and inspirational words about certain topics, the app presents the guide contents either in article form for simple reading, or as a meditation companion that comes complete with background music, and breathing meter.

There are tools available to use for copying passages, or taking down notes while reading articles. Tapping on the Share Icon at the top right portion of the article reveals a dropdown menu from where the user can access the Flipboard app, copy to flipboard, use a notepad, and or share the article by email or via social network sites; as well as access the Line app for making free voice calls and sending messages.

The meditation guides on the other hand, are further categorized into subjects that are more specific such as Experts, Yoga, Breathing Exercises, and Nature. Those under the Experts category are apparently, words of wisdom from persons with credentials, whether as practicing professionals or with certifiable knowledge about the matters discussed.  Some guides therefore, could fall under two other categories like Yoga or Breathing Exercises.

When using the guides, take note of the translucent arc rising up and down at the lower half of the screen. The arc represents the breathing meter indicating the tempo that the app user follows during the meditation.

Creating a Meditation Guide

GPS for the Soul also furnishes Android device users with tools to use for creating a personal meditation guide. They can use the default playlist or add their own choice of background music, as well as add their own photos.

Meditation Options

Tapping on Meditate in the user interface opens the meditation options. Users can set the length of time in which to engage in meditation, as well as adjust the breathing in and out cycle of a breathing exercise. Meditation duration can last from one (1) up to fifteen (15) minutes, while the breathing in and out cycle can be set anywhere from 6 seconds up to 20 seconds per breath cycle.

Another meditation option is the Meditation Reminder that a user can create using the Google calendar app.

To fully understand and develop the right meditation breathing technique, GPS for the Soul comes complete with a tutorial on how to pace one’s breathing. Using vibration motions as signals, an app user will be prompted to breathe in and out in consonance with the vibration recurrences.

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