First Aid by American Red Cross for iOS

iOS First AidFirst Aid is an app developed by the American Red Cross that serves as an information guide and resource for common first aid situations. It is available for both the iPhone and iPad, but requires iOS 7.0 or later. The most recent version, 2.1.1, is an upgrade where they have addressed some issues with the tests. When you are seeking a quick reference guide in an emergency, this is one app you want to have handy.

Specific to emergencies, the app has an “Emergency” section that gives you step by step instructions on how to actually apply the first aid solutions until professional medical help arrives. If you are in the wilderness or help is hours away, this information can literally help save your or a friend’s life. In the event of an emergency you can actually dial 911 from inside the app.

While the app is primarily designed for you to read and review when you have some free time on your hands, it has a number of other features. There are tests in each section you can take to test your knowledge, and if you want the short version of the key points, they have an FAQ section. Despite all this information and help, it definitely cannot be used to replace the knowledge of a trained professional or First Responder.

The best apps are the ones that are easiest to navigate through and find what you need. The First Aid app passes this test with ease. Many people prefer to learn through the use of videos, and this app does not disappoint. When it comes to first aid, pictures and words sometimes are not able to effectively communicate what needs to be done, and the American Red Cross solves that problem with this app.

There are many apps that people have to choose from that are considered to be “must-haves.” This is one of them. As it has been designed by the American Red Cross, you can be assured that the instructions and procedures are approved by qualified professionals to be used by the average person without making the situation worse.