Frommer’s Travel Tools iPhone App Review


Are you a traveler?  Do you take several trips a year to far away places?  If so this is the app for you.  Frommer’s Travel Tools app has all kinds of useful features that travelers use all the time.  There is a tip calculator that helps you to know exactly what to tip when you go out to eat on a vacation.  The tipping guide also has a global part to it that helps you to know what the cultural amount is to tip depending on what area you are traveling to.

There is a really cool packing list feature.  This helps you so that you never forget your charger, and other misc items that you often forget when traveling.  You can either make your own list or pick from suggested lists that have predetermined items that you may need per a specific area.

There is also a very handy and useful currency converter.  This converter is very robust as it can convert over 170 different currencies.  There is also a unit converter to help you convert weights, global temperatures, and distance and volume.  These are very helpful when asking for directions or help in another country.

For anyone that has traveled, we know that waiting is part of the game.  You have to wait at the airport, wait on buses, and the worst is waiting to eat.  There is a fun travel trivia game built into the app to help you test your travel knowledge of the area you are visiting.

There is a very helpful city guides part too.  This helps you find restaurants in the area as well as hotels.  This guidebook will get you to the right places that will make a world of difference in your travels. There is also a very helpful flashlight part of the app that lights up your screen so you can read guides and maps in the dark.  This is perfect for a cab ride or any other situation that finds you in dark lighting.


  • flashlight mode
  • city guide
  • currency converter
  • measurement converter
  • time translator
  • postcards
  • packing list
  • tip calculator

This app is really super helpful for anyone that is traveling into a far away place.  Don’t get lost and make sure you meet customs by using this extremely helpful app.


This app is FREE and has been given a 2 1/2 out of 5 star rating by other iphone users.