Great Big Story for iOS Devices

Great Big Story iOSAs entertaining as many of the list-type and clickbait articles shared on Facebook can be, they sometimes fall short when it comes to broadening your horizons. A new app with a similar function is looking to make waves and create relevant news and stories for this generation’s consumers.

Great Big Story is a new app that is dedicated to providing short and engaging videos for users to watch. The app is closely related to CNN and its parent company Turner Broadcasting. It appears to be a revamped way for the broadcasting company to reach a broader audience and an easier way to get viewers hooked and interested in stories from around the world.

Great Big Story focuses on fun and short videos about humanity. Most are short enough to keep viewers interested and learning.

Great Big Stories categories for video content are New Frontiers, The Human Condition, Flavors, and Planet Earth. The videos seem to be aimed at education as well as entertainment, and may serve as a gateway to more content from around the web if watchers are interested in the stories they see. These four categories are geared toward technology, human interest pieces, food, and the science behind some of the earth’s greatest wonders.

Great Big Story is part of CNN’s push to create a fresher medium for news and education. Some speculate that Great Big Story is supposed to emulate a VICE-like platform and function. Though it may be designed to deliver information in a similar way, Great Big Story is supposed to have more informative and relevant content than its rival sites, content that matters in the context of where we are as a species and where we’re headed.

Great Big Story will have content that is easily shared among social media platforms. It’s no wonder why Great Big Story is designed the way it is, millennials tend to find this type of content way more entertaining and easier to follow.

Great Big Story could be a great new way to stay informed about the more fun, and interesting parts of the news. It’s definitely worth a look.