HeadOutHeadout is your on-demand concierge for tickets, attractions and events that are happening in your area. You want to attend events in your area whether you are sitting at home or traveling, but you may not have a reliable way of finding something that is of interest to you. Headout will find the events or attractions for you, and you may download it today to find something exciting. This article explains how the Headout app works when you are looking for something fun to do.

Turn On Your Location

You must have location turned on your phone or tablet when you want to being you search. You may enter the zip code or city where you want to search for events, but it is much easier for you to search when you turn your location beacon on. The app will automatically find every event in the area, and you may decide what you want to do.

Your Map

You are going to see a map that explains every event that is happening in the area. The map will show every event, and you may click on these events to get the tickets that you need for these events. The map will show you how close you are to the events or attractions, and you may get directions to these events at once. Your I Phone or iPad will take you there when you are ready.

Purchase Tickets In The App

The Headout app will take you to a place where you may purchase tickets for the event of attraction you have found. The concierge service will help you pay on your phone or tablet, and you will avoid the annoyance of going to several different websites to purchase your tickets. You do not have time to waste attempting to purchase tickets on your own, but Headout is going to help you purchase them right now.


The app has availability for all the curated experiences it has, and you will see the availability up to the last minute when you are searching. You may have but a few minutes to grab a ticket before you leave the house or hotel room, but you may get those tickets through Headout right before you leave. Headout will give you instructions to pick up your tickets, or you may show the tickets on your app for admittance.

Headout is the most advanced personal entertainment app that you will find in the App Store today. The app shows you all the experiences in the area that you will find exciting, and you may purchase tickets for these events in the app. The app will show you a map that will take you to the event, and you may purchase tickets at the last second. You may purchase tickets while you stand in line, or you might purchase tickets for the next day. Headout does everything for you, and you will have a brand new event to attend every day if you like.