Heyday Automatic Photo Journal for iOS

Heyday iOSPhotographs are more than just mere snapshots. They are more than just reflections of memories. Old photos are a means of capturing points in people’s lives that have passed. Grand memories of days with the family, historical events, and other moments of note are held forever in a photo’s imagery. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to better catalog digital memories? The Heyday “New Journaling App” is one great way of making sure wonderful photo memories are retained for years and years.

With the app, an automatic journal is produced based on the data stored on the phone. Obviously, the photographs taken via the smartphone’s (or other device’s) camera are going to be logged by Heyday. Other data will be pulled from the memory and weaved into the completed journal. In many ways, this takes a lot of work off the shoulders of people who would love to create a really comprehensive journal or scrapbook but do not have the time to do so.

One major regret people have in life is that they never really captured a decent catalog of their many life’s adventures. They might have a ton of pictures, but no organization is given to them images. They just end up on a flash drive forgotten some place. Worse yet, the images could end up being deleted before ever being put into a wonderful journal. People do live busy lives and they end up putting off taking time out to create a journal. Eventually, so much time passes that they never get around to doing so. The excellent Heyday Automatic Photo Journal does exactly what its name suggests. The app creates the journal automatically.

The end result is very organized and clear to follow. The end result is not a jumble of different images with no real coherence. The journal does maintain a proper aesthetic look and an impressive one at that.

You do not need to be technically savvy to know how to use the app either. It is designed so that even person with limited knowledge of photo journals (or no knowledge) can easily put the app to use. Really, it does most of the work itself.