Roulette Royal HD for Android

Roulette Royal HD for Android Roulette Royal HD, is a high definition application which simulates gambling at a casino style roulette table. What makes it unique is the way Mywavia Studios Pvt., Ltd combines American Roulette and European Roulette versions in one app. The combination gives the player the option to choose which style he/she would like to play. Most roulette game apps only have one choice. This allows more versatility for the customer. Due to the intense, simulated gambling experience, this game is rated for ages 12+.

The original European version of roulette has the numbers 1-36 plus zero. The American board has the same with the added “00”. Generally speaking, the added number gives the house higher odds.

This app requires iOS 5.1.1 or later. It is optimized for iPhone 5 but can be played using an iPad or iPod touch.

Some features of the app include “How Lucky Are the Last Five Numbers.” Full stats on all number are also available to allow the gamer to see which numbers win more frequently, theoretically increasing their odds of winning. The user has the option of selecting the number of players at the table. Bots play with you allowing you to receive the full gaming effect and the life-like sounds add to it to make the player feel like they are playing in an actual casino.

There is a Millionaires Hall of Fame for the top players in the world, not just with friends.  To add to the gaming experience, the graphics are exceedingly detailed to provide full High Definition quality. This will be evident on the higher resolution phones.

The best part – the app is completely free! No in app purchase is required at any time.

To add to the fun, save up those virtual winnings and buy yourself a Rolex watch or your own private golf course. Perhaps a space shuttle is more to your liking. These and more are available in the virtual store.

During game play, the table displays current wealth with winning and losing statistics. Statistics for the Bots at the table can also be viewed.

On June 24, 2015 version 3.2 was released.  Currently no updates are in the works. This new version provides the needed support for use on iPad.

If you like Roulette or just want to give it a try, place your free bets on this app and take a chance on this fun, life-like gaming experience.