Rust Bucket

Rust BucketRust Bucket is a dungeon crawler you may play on your iPhone or iPad. The game is a basic crawler that you might have played on an old video game console, and you will find many creepy creatures within the dark depths of the dungeon. This article explains how you will play Rust Bucket, and you will enjoy a new type of gaming that is retro every sense.

The Animation

The game takes you through a cold dungeon that has dark red walls and bricks on every corner. You have no idea where you are going, and it is very dark. You cannot be sure what you will see when you turn each corner, and you must remember where you have been in case your route turns out to be a dead end. The game is very simple in its scope, but every part of the game looks amazing.

The Creatures

The creatures in the game block your path or attack you, and you must decide whether you want to attack or run away. Every part of the game presents you with a choice, and you must make the right choices if you want to survive each level. You must attack certain creatures if you want to make it through each level, and you must avoid other creatures that would surely kill you if you let them.

The Traps

There are traps laid throughout the game that you must avoid or outwit. Some traps require a bit of common sense, but other traps must be avoided altogether if you want to survive. There are several different traps that will cause you to change your path, and the best players know when to go around a trap rather than engage it. Your strategic mind must be in action when you are walking through the dungeon, and you must be careful because some traps will surprise you.

Compete Against Your Friends

You must compete against your friends when you want to add a challenge to the game. The game is more fun when you have started a friendly competition with people you know, and you must ensure that you are at the top of the scoreboard among your friends. The friendly competition moves from one level to another, and there are special levels where you may play your friends. You simply need to invite all your friends to play the game along with you.

Rust Bucket is the dungeon crawler game that you wish you had when you were a kid. Every graphic in the game has been updated to look as modern as possible, and you will be love seeing new creatures confront you in beautiful 3D-style graphics. You may play the game for hours on end when you like, and you must plan your strategy as you go. Your gameplay will be more interesting when you are thinking carefully about every move you make, and you will enjoy defeating bosses that stop you in your tracks.