Skitch App Review

SkitchInspiration and innovation can strike us at any given moment. We see something that gives us an idea for a product, a painting, a design of some kind and we know that we have stumbled on a million-dollar idea. But then the inspiration passes as we return to reality and the idea is lost to time. We are unable to recall what it was we saw exactly how we saw it. This frustration can be easily avoided with the use of the Skitch app. This app allows one the ability to quickly capture an image, alter it and keep the altered image as a means of revisiting and developing the million dollar ideas that we have lost.

The app can be used for any number of reasons. Most of the time it is used for fun. People love to send pictures of things to one another, and this app allows you to do just that while also marking it up and making it uniquely yours. you can send the image in a text to your friends to make them laugh, work on a fun idea together or just doodle whenever you are feeling bored. You can send the image through social media, messaging and email, as well as a number of other methods.

For more practical use, the app can be used to plan out home renovations. Sometimes we are not quite sure if one color would look good here, or the right tile is being used here, or if an addition would be too small or too big or look out of place. With Skitch you can clearly plan out the mental picture you are holding on to and show it to those around you, giving them a clearer sense of your vision for whatever project you choose to take. This ensures that things go smoothly and that everyone is working toward the same goals.

For schoolwork, there are always multiple projects requiring artistic talents. Unfortunately, not everyone is artistically talented. If a diagram is needed depicting any kind of image for school, Skitch can make it look as professional and beautiful as possible while still cutting down on the time one needs in order to complete the project. Diagrams can also be labeled collaboratively with other students if it is a group project. Sharing an idea visually is the clearest way to get your point across to your group.

When it comes to event planning, you can send pictures of the items you want in place and where to place them at the event, and even map out where the event is going to be. This can be especially useful for those who have trouble with directions. Finally, sharing business ideas, especially for magazine companies, has never been easier than sending a PDF file of your chosen design over email to everyone you work with at once. When sharing an idea, words can sometimes get in the way of the vision you want to instill in the minds of other people. Sketch makes it easy to show people what you want, and how you want it.