Star Wars Social Media App

Star Wars Social Media App to Indulge Diehard Star Wars Fans  

Star Wars free social media app is Disney’s way of indulging Star Wars faithfuls who have kept the “Force” alive in their hearts after more than a decade of dormancy. Now that LucasFilms has taken on Walt Disney Pictures and Bad Robot Productions as partners, a reunion of sorts will bring together the millions that make up the Star Wars fanbase.

To help Star Wars followers keep abreast with the forthcoming sequel “The Force Awakens,” and forever be refreshed about all things they love about the movie, Disney rolled out this mobile application. It aggregates all the latest news, posts, tweets, photos, videos, feeds and just about everything there is to know and love about Star Wars.

The Star Wars app is available to users of iOS-supported mobile devices running on Versions 7.1 and up, which can be downloaded FREE from Apple’s iTunes App Store.

Star Wars App Features

iOS device users signing up as member of the growing Star Wars community can get a Star Wars ID. The app has an array of avatars, which they can use in building a profile linked to the Star Wars community.

The app compiles all Star Wars exclusive information, coming from the official Star Wars website and social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr.  Via customized feeds, app users can watch interviews, behind-the-scene clips, movie trailers, more Star Wars digital apps, products, and various elements they find endearing about Star Wars. Through this app, any breaking news that comes hot off the press will be relayed instantly to the user via snapshot news tickers and notifications.

The app also features a “This Day in Star Wars History” segment, a sort of fun fact timeline, plus a countdown to any big events about to come up.  Currently, the app is counting down the remaining number of days for the forthcoming “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens,” slated for release on December 18, 2015.

A unique Augmented Reality camera allows users to unlock 3D characters straight from the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” They can also virtually don iconic costumes and be in the midst of authentic Star Wars setting, and take a selfie that they can share with friends and family. In fact, they can even be Princess Leia or Hans Solo or whichever Star Wars character they want to be.

A real treat for SW diehards, is the Force Trainer segment that could transform their iOS-supported smartphone into a lightsaber.  SW fans can replicate authentic sound effects, and one-liners such as “May the Force be With You,” “It’s a Trap” “Jedi Scum,” and a lot more classic SW quotable quotes, including the “R2-D2 scream” and “Jabba laugh,” using the app’s quality soundboard.

App users also have an array of Star Wars Emojis to use and animated GIFs to share with fellow Star Wars fans. Even the five-day weather forecast feature can bring a Star Wars-related experience, as the segment makes use of parallaxes, which allow users to view the original universe-themed art designs in different angles. The weather segment furnishes information not only about the temperature for the day, but also indicates which SW planet has that same kind of warmth.