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Bookworm iPhone App Review


If you love words then you will love the Bookworm iPhone app.  This is one of the greatest word game iPhone apps to come out on the phone.  The app has you following Lex the Bookworm as he tries to spell words from the letters that are given to him.  This word puzzle game is very similar to Boggle in that you have to link letters together that are touching each other, and the bigger the word the more points you will get.  You will have to mix and match letters to eliminate the biggest words and get the highest score.  You have to be careful though because there are also burning letters that fall down into the bunch that can ruin you if you use them.  Test your word knowledge of the English language and see how many points you can rack up in the time allotted to you.

The Bookworm iTunes app has been created by PopCap, who has a long history of making great iPhone apps.  Their games always have good graphics, seamless gameplay, and an intuitive user interface.  You will fall in love with this game, and find yourself playing it all the time.  As you get more experienced you can look to find all of the bonus words to get double the points.  When you have completed a level you can see all the words you found, and how many three, four, five, or six letter words that you were able to find.  You can win achievements throughout the game as you get bigger and better words.  Start utilizing your vocabulary now and download the Bookworm app today!


  • The game is simple to pick up.  If you can spell then you can play
  • There are a couple different modes to choose from including the Classic Mode or the more challenging Timed Mode
  • If you spell bonus words you get extra points and can beat levels much quicker
  • There are bonus books you can work on
  • The game tracks your progress and lets you see your stats for each level and book


This is a solid word game app.  It’s graphics, gameplay, and replay value will keep you interested and entertained for days.  You will spend countless hours trying to beat previous high scores and will find you are always trying to one up yourself by finding bigger words.

Voted 4 stars by iTunes app users and is currently $2.99.

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